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Our Physical Therapy Center at South County Orthopedic Specialists strives to provide patients with comprehensive care to facilitate their rehabilitation. Each individual program at SCOS is designed to provide patients with a rehabilitation protocol that is executed by licensed therapists and directed by our surgeon specialists. Our therapists are in daily direct communication with the prescribing physician, which ensures a smooth progression toward each patient’s complete recovery. Our goal is to rehabilitate each and every patient to their fullest potential and ‘get you back in the game.’

The physical therapy program at SCOS is directed by Sharon Harrison, M.P.T. Sharon was born and raised in southern California. She graduated from California Polytechnic State University at Pomona with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She then attended Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California, a private allied health graduate school. Sharon graduated at the top of her class with a Masters of Physical Therapy. She has been specializing in out-patient orthopedic physical therapy in the years since her graduation. Her patient care programs rely heavily upon manual therapy techniques combined with modalities and therapeutic activities. This approach provides for more personal attention and individual care.

In our center, physical therapy treatment plans are designed specifically for each individual patient. Each plan follows specific protocols as prescribed by the physician, but is custom tailored for each individual patient as necessary. From this personal approach, patients are able to progress to their fullest potential at their own pace.

Our team of therapists and assistants utilize a variety of treatment techniques including:

  • Manual therapy (including soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization)
  • Range of motion techniques
  • Active and passive stretching
  • Therapeutic exercises and activities
  • Balance and proprioception training
  • Sports Specific/ Activity Specific Exercises
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and
  • Modalities including ultrasound, interferential electrical stimulation, iontophoresis, neuromuscular re-education, and ice

In addition to providing patients with physical therapy treatments, our therapists will create a home exercise program for each patient to continue progressing independently after treatment sessions are completed. We feel it is important that each patient is empowered with the knowledge and understanding necessary to continue with their program and to continue in caring for themselves.

The Physical Therapy Center is an adjunct of SCOS and is located on the same floor as our doctor’s offices. If there are any questions regarding physical therapy, please do not hesitate to contact Sharon at , extension 223.

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